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“No music is worth making, Julie, if we’re not making it with you.”

High schooler Julie lost her passion for music after her mom died last year. But when the ghosts of three dreamy musicians from 1995 appear, they reawaken Julie’s own inner spirit and create a new band together: Julie and the Phantoms.

Episode Guide

1.01 – Wake Up

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kenny Ortega | Written by David Hoge & Dan Cross

In 1995, the band Sunset Curve performs a soundcheck at the Orpheum in Los Angeles, where they are set to perform later that night. Three of the bandmates (Luke, Alex, and Reggie) leave to go get food while their fourth bandmate, Bobby, stays back to flirt with a waitress named Rose. Luke, Alex, and Reggie eat “street dogs”, but the hot dogs turn out to be rancid and they die due to food poisoning. Twenty-five years later, a teenager named Julie Molina is unable to play music since her mother’s passing a year prior, which results in her dismissal from her school’s music program, to the dismay of her best friend Flynn. While going through her mother’s stuff in her family’s garage studio, she finds a Sunset Curve CD and, upon playing it, summons the three deceased Sunset Curve members as ghosts. Thinking that they died the previous night, Julie shows them an article stating they died 25 years ago, leaving them despondent. The next day, Julie sits down at her mother’s piano and plays a song her mother wrote for her. Unbeknownst to her, the boys watch her play, incredulous that the person who can see them is a talented musician as well. During the song, she is joined by (audibly) strings and drums.

1.02 – Bright

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kenny Ortega | Written by David Hoge & Dan Cross

After Julie plays the piano and sings for the first time in a year, the ghosts are shocked at her talent and consider asking her to join the band. Julie and Flynn try to convince the music teacher to let Julie back into the music program, but the teacher refuses, to their dismay. Meanwhile, to help sell their house, Julie’s dad, Ray, takes photos of the house and studio, but studio photos depict white orbs; Julie’s little brother, Carlos, suspects the orbs may be ghosts. The boys teleport to the beach, where more is learned about the backgrounds of their families. Later, Luke convinces Julie to play a song he wrote in front of the music teacher, but she is reluctant. At her school’s Spirit Rally, with encouragement from the guys, Julie gets on stage and begins to perform the song, “Bright”. When Julie sings, the band suddenly appears on stage playing their instruments, and they realize that they can be seen by the audience. When the song ends, the band vanishes, leaving everyone to think the boys were holograms.

1.03. – Flying Solo

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Paul Becker | Written by Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin

When the band vanishes, Julie is bombarded with questions. Someone asks her if the band was a hologram and Julie says yes. Julie is then accepted back into the music program by the principal. Flynn then questions Julie, who continues to lie about the band. After school, Julie lets her dad know that she got back into the music program. In the studio, Alex is panicking about his ghost life, but Luke and Reggie think this is their second chance because, with Julie, they can be the band they never got to be. Overwhelmed, Alex goes for a walk to clear his head and is run over by Willie, a skateboarder who is also a ghost. Willie observes that Alex is new to being a ghost and answers Alex’s many questions. Back at the studio, Luke and Reggie find lyrics in Julie’s room, which they use to create a song. Julie walks in and they invite her to join the band, but she can’t think of anything other than Flynn. She later finds Flynn, about to egg Julie’s window, and tells her the truth. At first, Flynn doesn’t believe her, but Julie then performs “Flying Solo” and the band becomes visible to Flynn.

1.04 – I Got The Music

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kenny Ortega | Written by Nora Sullivan

Willie takes Alex to a closed museum to try and loosen him up. As the boys and Julie collaborate on a new song, Julie tells them about the music of Trevor Wilson which shocks the boys as they discover Trevor is really their former bandmate Bobby, who stole their music and credited it for his own, which has made him rich and famous. The boys poof out to haunt Trevor. As part of their revenge against Trevor, the guys ask Willie for help. Willie takes them to The Hollywood Ghost Club to meet Caleb Covington, a ghost with strong powers.

1.05 – The Other Side of Hollywood

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kenny Ortega | Written by David Hoge & Dan Cross

Caleb Covington introduces Luke, Alex, and Reggie to the wonders of The Hollywood Ghost Club. The boys are mesmerized by the elaborate musical production numbers. Meanwhile, Flynn DJs at the high school dance where Julie and the Phantoms are to perform later. However, the phantoms soon lose track of time, and Julie is forced to cancel her gig at the dance as a result. As the boys are leaving the club, realizing how late it is, they are given a mysterious stamp by Caleb. When they arrive at the school, Julie, upset with them, confronts them and quits the band. As Julie leaves, the boys suddenly experience a painful jolt, which Reggie compares to how they died 25 years ago.

1.06 – Finally Free

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kristin Hanggi | Written by Sean W. Cunningham & Marc Dworkin

At Julie’s dance class, the boy’s lacrosse team coach forces the team to join it to improve their mobility so they can win a game. Nick and Julie become dance partners. Luke signs up the band for a local talent contest, hoping to get Julie to rejoin the band following the dance. Julie accuses Luke of being selfish, but Alex and Reggie show Julie he isn’t by taking her to Luke’s parents’ house where Luke visits frequently since his death. Julie has a change of heart and helps the boys practice a new song for their performance. However, Julie’s father finds that Julie missed three of her classes and a calculus test when she overslept so he grounds her. Julie disobeys her dad and sneaks out of her bedroom to make their performance. After Julie and the Phantoms perform, a talent scout approaches Julie, but as she introduces herself to the band, Julie’s father shows up and orders her home.

1.07 – Edge of Great

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kabir Akhtar | Written by Nora Sullivan & Leilani Downer

After Ray reprimands Julie for sneaking out, Julie manages to convince him to allow her to continue performing with the band. Ray feels guilty about interrupting the meeting of the talent scout and the band, so he agrees to throw a party at their house so the band can perform. Luke flirts with Julie under the guise of discussing what song to perform at the party. Nick interrupts them as he is nervous about their dance performance. As Nick and Julie perform their dance number, Julie imagines it is Luke she is dancing with. Alex catches Willie spying on him and confronts him, but Willie leaves abruptly, leaving Alex confused. Later, Julie and the Phantoms perform, which Ray records and uploads to the internet. As the episode ends, Willie decides to come clean and explain what is happening to the ghosts due to Caleb’s curse. He explains that the boys can cheat Caleb’s curse and cross over if they complete their “unfinished business”, which the boys quickly put together as performing at the Orpheum.

1.08 – Unsaid Emily

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Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kabir Akhtar | Written by Leah Keith

While Alex is The Orpheum, he reminisces about the night he, Luke, and Reggie died. Willie poofs in and apologizes to him about introducing them to Caleb. Julie visits Luke’s parents to give them a song, which Luke wrote about his mother. Julie hopes that doing so will help Luke. Luke tells Julie that the band has unfinished business that they need to complete before they can cross over or else they will cease to exist. Initially Julie is dismayed, but after finding a Sunset Curve T-shirt in her mother’s possessions, she realizes the boys are connected to her mother (Rose, the waitress in the first episode, is revealed to be Julie’s mother). While Julie is sad she may never see them again, she helps them to come up with a plan to play The Orpheum.

1.09 – Stand Tall

Episode Stills | Screen Captures

Original air date: September 10, 2020 | Directed by Kenny Ortega | Written by David Hoge & Dan Cross

Willie helps Julie and the Phantoms become the opening act for Panic! at the Disco at The Orpheum. Carrie watches a video on her computer of Julie and the boys playing which her dad, Trevor, sees and realizes the band is his dead Sunset Curve bandmates. As the boys prepare to poof to The Orpheum to join Julie, Caleb appears and intervenes by transporting them to The Hollywood Ghost Club and forces them to perform with him and his orchestra. As show time approaches, Julie becomes anxious when the guys don’t appear. A sign is given to Julie that she is meant to perform, so she takes matters into her own hands and performs by herself. Thankfully, as she begins performing, the phantoms escape from Caleb and appear one by one. At the end of the performance, the guys poof out. When Julie and her family return home, Julie returns to her studio, and believing that the boys have crossed over, thanks them for being there for her. But in reality, it turns out that playing the Orpheum wasn’t their unfinished business, and that they never crossed over. Julie begs them to save themselves and join Caleb’s band, but they refuse, not wanting to make music without her. Julie and Luke hug, and realize they can physically touch, as Luke then starts to regain strength. Alex and Reggie then join them, and Caleb’s curse is lifted from them. The next day, Nick comes to Julie’s house, but Caleb appears behind him and possesses him. Julie then comes to the door, and greets Nick, unaware that she’s actually talking to Caleb.


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Now or Never
Episode 1.01 – Wake Up
Sound check at The Orpheum.

This Band is Back (Reggie’s Jam)
Episode 1.02 – Bright
Singing on the beach.

Episode 1.02 – Bright
Julie and The Phantoms’ performance at the spirit assembly .

Flying Solo
Episode 1.03 – Flying Solo
Julie and The Phantoms’ performance at the spirit assembly

Finally Free
Episode 1.06 – Finally Free
Julie and The Phantoms’ performance at the talent night.

Perfect Harmony
Episode 1.07 – Edge of Great
Luke and Julie’s dancing dream sequence.

Edge of Great
Episode 1.07 – Edge of Great
Julie and The Phantoms’ performance at Julie’s house.

Unsaid Emily
Episode 1.08 – Unsaid Emily
Luke sings in the background as it shows Luke and his mom’s relationship before he died.

Stand Tall
Episode 1.09 – Stand Tall
Julie and The Phantoms’ performance at The Orpheum.